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ASOIU, founded in 1920, is one of the largest public universities in the Caucasus region with more than 10000 students and 400 international students among them. 640 lecturers with different academic degrees train students in more than 50 fields of study. The University has seven major faculties - Geology and Exploration, Gas, Petroleum and Mining, Chemical technologies, Petro-Mechanics, Energetics, Automatization of Production Processes and Economics. For a long time University was called as National Oil Academy and the main profile of the university was determined by its oil and gas related study fields. In order to meet the global challenges and improve the quality of technical education in Azerbaijan in 2015 the institution was renamed to Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University. Modernization of current faculties, establishment of new specializations, development of new study areas and degrees in the field of renewable energy and environmental engineering, creating business incubators to implement scientific achievements in practise, establishing beneficial partnership between industries and universities are the main strategic goals of the university in the coming year.

After International department was established at ASOIU in 2015, The University participated in number Erasmus,Tempus and Mevlana projects and developed master and bachelor courses in according to the Bologna process requirements. In order to extend its international partnership and internationalize education system the ASOIU builds cooperation with prominent international higher education institutions. University has strong partnership with TH Köln, University of Siegen and other European universities. During these years the existing network of cooperation among universities was strengthen. These projects contributes to enhancement of academic and professional staff proficiency, transfer scientific and scholarly knowledge on curricula development and use of ECTS.

ASOIU have been implementing two exchange programs (Erasmus+ KA107) with Middle East Technical University (Turkey) and Leicester University (Great Britain). Starting from next semester ASOIU will launch ICM (Erasmus+107) with Alcala University (Spain), Keele University (Great Britain), University of Strasbourg (France), University of Siegen (Germany).

Partner Universities will achieve their roles in student/academic mobility project by organizing a study period or work placement in a higher education institution in another country. Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) will provide successful delivery and effective coordination of the project and their inter-dependencies, including promotion of European educational innovations by university staff Education resources, and any risks and other issues that may arise and participate in all meetings, conferences, seminars & trainings to be conducted in the frames of the project; directing the project team and managing the project plan, modernize the syllabus according to contemporary methods of teaching. Decrease the boundaries between national universities and create opportunities for enhancing exchange and internship programs with European universities and research centers . ASOIU will take an active role in involving academic staff and students at the evaluation stages of the project through developing practical experience, certified training modules and consultancy services of faculty and administrative staff.


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