The CyberEDU project will establish a network of humans highly motivated to enhance the knowledge and practices in the cybersecurity programs.

This network will aim to produce innovative and state-of-the-art education for future cybersecurity professionals.

The main activities in the project are the following:

  • Exploring the current state of cybersecurity education at the educational partner institution
  • Inspecting the new needs of industry through collaboration of all partners
  • Examining the curriculum and the current and desired practices regarding the use of lab facilities and other resources
  • Raising the awareness about the role of cybersecurity in protecting the national critical infrastructures and the industrial control systems
  • Creating and running an online course module „Cybersecurity of critical infrastructures” as a primer for a complete modern cybersecurity education curriculum
  • Enhancing cybersecurity education by introducing the acquired knowledge, the needs of the scholars, students, and the industry.

In other sections of this website you can find more information on the origin of the CyberEDU project (Challenge, Purpose), the current Situation Analysis, the Target Groups and the Work Plan.