Purpose of the project

The ultimate purpose of the project is to establish a network of humans highly motivated to enhance the knowledge and practices in the cybersecurity programs of all educational partner institutions. This aim is to produce innovative and state-of-the-art education for future cybersecurity professionals. The main activities in the project are the following.

  • Exploring the current state of cybersecurity education at the educational partner institution
  • Inspecting the new needs of industry through collaboration of all partners
  • Examining the curriculum and the current and desired practices regarding the use of lab facilities and other resources
  • Raising the awareness about the role of cybersecurity in protecting the national critical infrastructures and the industrial control systems
  • Creating and running an online course module „Cybersecurity of critical infrastructures” as a primer for a complete modern cybersecurity education curriculum
  • Enhancing cybersecurity education by introducing the acquired knowledge, the needs of the scholars, students, and the industry

The overarching spirit of the project is internationalization, which advocates learning through friendly collaboration, complementary needs and competence, and different inter-cultural perspectives.


The following table lists the partners in the project.

Acronym Full name Country Short description
DSV/SU Department of Computer and System Sciences at Stockholm University Sweden, SE Main applicant with a reputable history of internationalization and proven and established record of cybersecurity education and research.
BHOS Baku Higher Oil School Azerbaijan, AZ A young academic institution is inclined to internationalization, seeking to grow further and to improve still fairly rudimentary cybersecurity education.
ASOIU Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University Azerbaijan, AZ One of the largest public universities in the Caucasus with interest in internationalization, refining and cultivating modern cybersecurity education.
UG The University of Georgia Georgia, GE There is an International Relations Office (IRO) to develop international activities. Interested to learn about the new problems in cybersecurity.
GRENA Georgian Research and Educational Networking Association Georgia, GE It is actively involved in a strategic partnership with European colleagues and has experience in training cybersecurity professionals that needs.
KhAI National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute" Ukraine, UA A leading Ukrainian technical university with a significant degree of internationalization and high interest in modern cybersecurity education.
NCBJ National Centre for Nuclear Research from Poland Poland, PL Largest Polish research and education institute involved in international cooperation related to cybersecurity problems and challenges


All partners are having a keen interest in modern cybersecurity education and creating a network to support it. Cybersecurity is an integral part of the national strategies in each of the partner countries, and the EU Digital Agenda, which is vital since Easter partnership countries are eager to collaborate and partner with the EU.

The benefits for the universities involved in the project are (1) better quality cybersecurity professionals, (2) increased competitive and market posture of the higher education, and (3) facilitating globally recognizable research. The institute and the association have many-fold interests: to bring onboard their unique experience and knowledge in cybersecurity of critical infrastructures, to identify the specific needs for cybersecurity professionals in the industry, and to improve the cybersecurity posture of their daily work.