Target groups

Primary target group

The primary target group consists of the leadership of the partner institutions and the coordinators/organisation units responsible for internationalisation. The former is considered to be the senior/top management typically a vice-rector/dean for international relations who is responsible for strategic decisions. The later are the representatives of international cooperation and project development units, responsible for support to all activities with actors from other countries.

The role of the people in this group is to acknowledge the need for the project, to encourage the organisation of events aimed at the exchange of knowledge and building capacity about the modern trends of the cybersecurity education, as well as to support the communication and collaboration within the secondary target group, as well as interaction between the secondary and the tertiary target group.

Secondary target group

The secondary target group includes the researchers/teachers in the area of cybersecurity at the partner institutions and the students studying cybersecurity at the master or doctoral level. Since many academic institutions are still having education in IT security, in the project, the researchers/lecturers and students in these areas are considered to be a part of the second target group.

The role of the second target group is to acquire new knowledge about the trends in the cybersecurity, in particular, the issues related to the critical national infrastructure, including industrial control systems. The researchers/teachers and the doctoral students participate in the Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) workshop, and in the round table discussions with professionals from the tertiary group. Besides, through surveying the needs of the industry, they interact with people from the tertiary group. The role of the master students is to participate in identifying good and not so good practices in delivering cybersecurity master programs and contribute towards their improvement and transformation.

Tertiary group

The tertiary group involves researchers/professionals in the cybersecurity field, international experts in the area and the society at large.

The role of the researchers/professionals from the partner institutions is to share the knowledge and skills about cybersecurity and to help in all phases of the project. The position of the international experts participating in the ARW workshop is to increase the awareness about the needs in cybersecurity of national critical infrastructures and industrial control systems to become an integral part of the educational programs. Innovative and state-of-the-art cybersecurity programs in the area that educate professionals capable of protecting the national critical infrastructures and industrial systems are beneficial to the whole society.

The figure below illustrates the three target groups and their mutual relations.

Conceptualization of cyberspace in layers and (cyber) subdomains

Conceptualization of cyberspace in layers and (cyber) subdomains